vision & culture

CPA MOMS empowers talented CPA mompreneurs who want to have both a career and a family, and provides entrepreneurs with accurate & affordable accounting & tax services nationwide.

Our enterprise puts family first. We live by our core principles which are to always: 1) provide ACCURATE & TIMELY financials, 2) offer personalized CARE & CUSTOMIZED service, and 3) add VALUE to an entrepreneur’s business, not just their books. 

We are proud to be part of an organization where values, family and lifestyle still matter, where we enjoy all of the people we interact and collaborate with, and where everyday we have the opportunity to make a difference.



Mayumi Young is a CPA, former international finance executive, and a financial architect, with almost 30 years of vast financial experience and knowledge. Her career began with Price Waterhouse serving Fortune 500 companies, but her passion to make a difference with entrepreneurs forced her to choose a purpose-filled path of her own. Since 2000, Mayumi has formed over 4 businesses focused on financial education & empowerment with an emphasis on designing customized financial literacy programs for children, women, entrepreneurs & families. Mayumi's rare and powerful combination of industry and entrepreneurial experience provides a necessary perspective that most accounting service providers do not have. Mayumi understands first hand what an entrepreneur needs and has designed a company, CPA MOMS, to meet those unique needs.  To learn more about Mayumi, visit