our solution

CPA MOMS realizes that there are many talented women with the desire to be a part of the workforce but not willing to sacrifice being home with their family, so we have created a solution.  Our priority, as a nationwide marketplace, has been to create a community of qualified mompreneurs to provide business owners an affordable accounting solution. Entrepreneurs appreciate our unique brand and want to hire professionals to help take their businesses to the next level.

We appreciate your interest in joining our community of dedicated and passionate accountants here at CPA MOMS. We are a fast-growing virtual company headquartered in San Diego, CA.

We pride ourselves on our social mission to empower families. As a mission-driven organization, we invest heavily in creating flexible, virtual work environments so as a mother, you can raise your kids without sacrificing your career. CPA MOMS is proud of the social impact we have had with so many families, and we look forward to empowering more talented accounting professionals and their families. 

Please listen to the 13 minute video recorded by Founder, Mayumi Young, CPA to learn more about the CPA MOMS History & Philosophy.

"CPA MOMS feeds the need of our professional and nurturing side as mothers. Being able to help my children and others at the same time is a very rewarding opportunity that most miss out on. For one of the first times in our profession, our professional career does not have to be mutually exclusive of our family but necessarily coexisting. I am very thankful for the rare opportunity to be a continued consistent in my husband and children's lives while helping others succeed!" 
– Jami, Texas, CPA MOMS Solo-mompreneur

3 pathways 

We invite you to listen to the recorded 5 minute video that better explains the 3 pathways at CPA MOMS below. To summarize the 3 pathways: 

INTRAPRENEUR: Accountants looking to be placed as an independent contractor or W2 employee with accounting firms. 

SOLO-MOMPRENEUR: Accountants looking to be matched with entrepreneurs to build their book of business.

ACCOUNTING FIRM: Accounting Firms looking to hire accounting professionals that are pre-screened & tested or looking to grow their practice leveraging a customized CPA MOMS marketing program. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in our community events. You will receive email invitations of upcoming events. 

who do we look for? 

The core business for CPA MOMS is to provide a dual-sided marketplace matching entrepreneurs with accounting professionals nationwide. We are also a community of accounting professionals who support and encourage each other. Our primary client is the CPA, a solo-mompreneur who we screen, test, and train so that we may market you to YOUR ideal client.  We've served over 200 business owners, generating over $1.2 million of take-home pay for over 60 accountants. We have designed a business to fulfill on our mission to create flexible, virtual work environments so moms can raise their kids while still having a thriving career.

We feel that we add the most value to CPAs that are moms that are new solo-mompreneurs (usually less than a year) who provide bookkeeping, controller or CFO level accounting services using QuickBooks to entrepreneurial companies. We also look for CPAs that provide business tax services. We do promote personal tax services, but unlike H&R Block, personal tax services are performed only for business clients. It is possible to be part of the marketplace if you are not a licensed CPA, or a mom. We also have professionals that do not use QuickBooks and only use other platforms like Xero. That being said, the highest matched professional on our marketplace is a CPA who is a mom that provides both accounting services using QuickBooks and business tax services. Men who share our values are welcome in our community. Men who are part of the community are generally placed only as intrapreneurs in Accounting Firms and are generally not matched through the marketplace to avoid brand confusion.

For those who are currently employed but are tired of the same old corporate grind and wish for more flexibility and autonomy and want to work from home, we can help you make the transition from your job to a solo practice. That being said, depending on your financial needs and risk tolerance, most accountants currently employed would do better to make this transition in stages. If you choose to first transition to an accounting firm as a part-time intrapreneur, we can help place you with one of the Accounting Firms in our network. We can also simultaneously support you in building your solo-mompreneur practice on the side. This helps alleviate the stress & minimizes the risk of moving out of your job.

Due to the compliance risk, we currently do not match solo-mompreneurs who provide audit services. We do look to form partnerships with small Audit Firms and would be happy to refer entrepreneurs to partner Audit Firms. We can also place accounting professionals to Audit Firms as Intrapreneurs.

screening & training

Our CPA MOMS Academy screening, training and testing services are a pre-requisite to be part of the marketplace and may be purchased by anyone regardless of your interest in being part of the marketplace. We've learned many lessons during our years as an Accounting Firm and give all entire “Blueprint” away of what worked and also shared what to avoid. We feel that you should not have to learn the hard way (like we did and so many others do). We have resources designed to help accountants develop their skills in the “business of accounting”. Though we do have some technical trainings, we don’t focus on accounting or tax trainings.

All trainings are available to all professional accountants. Our methods have been proven to help our talent make significantly more consulting income and negotiate better rates with the trainings than without. Take advantage of our years of experience and trial and error and save yourself the time, money, and hassle of reinventing the wheel that we have already mastered!

next steps

The next step is to check your email (including spam) for upcoming invitations and information on how to connect with our community. If you don’t receive any emails from us, please feel free to email us at talent@cpa-moms.com.

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to connecting with each and every one of you.