Where internet has flattened the world, and home-based business still dominate as the preferred workspace for many business owners, the question of whether or not to hire a local bookkeeper or accountant is a good question to ask. First, you want to ask yourself, do you need the accounting professional to manage your daily/weekly/monthly cash, accounts receivables/invoicing, and/or accounts payables/billing? If so, it is much better to work with a local provider. Even if that professional makes an on-site visit once or twice a month and works virtually the rest of the time, it makes a lot of sense to still have a local solution. If, however, the bookkeeper or accountant is handling all other accounting matters (e.g redirected here. bank downloads, categorization and reconciliations, payroll processing, general ledger entries) it is not necessary for them to work onsite. Most Controller can work 100% remotely if there is a staff accountant they supervise and manage. Each business is unique. When in doubt ask a professional.

Given the complexity of the business and tax rules of the US. I would avoid trying to outsource your bookkeeping work to an international service professional. Though we use and support the use of international talent for things like certain web/IT development, some administrative support and research, and for some company call centers, accounting is one of the areas of business I would not send overseas.

In many markets, CPAs work in the same local area as their clients. Though much of the work can be done remotely (e.g. from the CPA MOMS home or office,) CPAs aren't located in another country. Part of our commitment is to become part of the solution to support employment in the Unites States. Though our solution is to create mompreneurs vs. employees, we still feel that creating income for working, tax paying Americans gets us to the same end goal. CPA MOMS will do our very best to find solutions within your own state. The CPA MOMS community is expanding rapidly nationwide and intend to provide a local solution to those who require on-site work. Though some CPAs prefer to work remotely, you do have the option to meet face-to-face with your CPA on a monthly basis in certain markets.