We last evaluated the Quickbooks online solution 2 years ago and at the time felt it was limited in functionality, difficult to convert to/from desktop solution, and overpriced. The Agency has recently demo’d the new QB online system and have changed our position…under certain conditions:


CPA MOMS likes Quickbooks Online Plus (currently $39.95/mo up to 5 simultaneous users PER ENTITY) for some small businesses with the following circumstances:

1. Company agrees to use Online Plus: $39.95/mo (up to 5 simultaneous users PER ENTITY)

2. Company has only 1 entity and does not intend add any additional entities (2 entities results in a monthly cost that exceeds a hosted desktop solution

3. Company does not require any system integration with other software plug-ins or industry specialized software

4. Company does not require more than 5 simultaneous users (including assigned accountant)

5. Company does not have:

a.       Multi-currency needs

b.      Shipping manager needs

c.       Online bill pay feature needs (can still do online bill pay in bank, just not through QB online like desktop solution)

d.      Fixed asset listing needs

 6. Company is not a real estate investor or property manager (by nature real estate investors generally grow into multiple entities)

 7. Company does not require specialized industry software (e.g. nonprofit, manufacturing, construction) 

Since we last evaluated the system 2 years ago, they have enhanced their migration to/from QB desktop solutions. They have improved functionality to almost match Quickbooks Pro desktop. They have lowered their pricing. We like this especially for sole proprietors/1099 contractors.

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