Our accounting professionals are Quam independent contractors not employees:

We take the most talented accounting professionals and give them independent contracts with clients. Because they aren’t employees, don’t think like employees, and understand the needs of entrepreneurs, they are the best type of professional to work with a fast moving entrepreneurial company. We are committed to personalized, customized care. It isn’t unusual for our clients to ask for information off hours. No one has an employee mindset. Noone punches a clock. Our accounting professionals get flexibility and independence, but in exchange deliver a high quality product, and extraordinary client service. Why hire an employee, when you can have service oriented professional independent подоконнике contractors.

We have all of the perks of a consulting company without the price:
Because we are not a consulting firm, our accounting professionals are able to price themselves more competitively than other professionals of the same caliber without the 50% mark-up and still get paid what they feel they are worth. At the same time, these professionals work as part of a larger community where they can mastermind, cheap jerseys share best wholesale jerseys practices, and have an abundance of tools & resources that a consulting firm offers. Clients can work with professionals part-time, can hire one or a team of accountants as the need arises. The other key point is that who you contract with is who performs the work. We don’t have bookkeepers in the back wholesale NFL jerseys sweat shop doing the work that the CPAs review. The accounting professional contractor that our client hires IS the one who does the work. Why hire a consulting company when you can have “cpa level service at bookkeeper prices.”

We handle placements:
Tired of changing your accountant? Our clients don’t need to worry about the process of selecting to or re-selecting (if the need arises) the best designen talent, especially as they expand their enterprise or shift into different business ventures. Our clients tend to have 3-5 entities on average and are always creating new opportunities. We developed a proprietary system to test, profile and match accounting professionals with clients. For clients with a greater accounting need, we also have Agents that stay connected with their clients and the accounting professionals throughout the entire term of the relationship to make sure that the match was the best fit and to ensure that our clients are getting everything they need through the relationship, not just until the placement occurs. The Agent is always there to ensure that the client placement needs are always handled now, when you shift, and when you expand. Why hire a placement company, when you can have an Agent that makes your accounting needs their priority.