The most common options to entrepreneurs are either: 1) hire a bookkeeper, 2) hire an accounting consulting firm, 3) hire an employee, 4) do it themselves, or 5) hire a placement company to find you an employee. Here is a simple break-down showing the pros/cons of each option:




Hire a Bookkeeper?


Inadequate technical knowledge

Hire a Consulting Firm?

Lots of Talent to choose from

No employees to manage

Variety of engagement terms


May not always get WHO you paid for

Hire an Employee?

Works only for your company

HR, employee tax, insurance & benefits burden

Lack of flexibility in salary or hours

Employee mindset in entrepreneur's playground

Do it Yourself?

No financial cost (only if it is correct)

Time cost (no leverage)

Distraction from business building focus

Most likely not accurate

Missed opportunity for tax savings, profit improvements

Hire a Placement Company?

Utilize experts to find Talent

Pay (at once) full year of fees upon placement

Usually place full-time salaried employees


No wonder most small businesses are frustrated! For an alternative to all of those options, consider being matched with an independent consultant from the CPA MOMS Agency. We are the "eHarmony" of the accounting world, that specializes in finding, screening and matching the right professional to your business. We are like a placement company, except you don't have to pay for the placement (the CPA pays). We are like a consulting firm (no employee hassles). We are something all-together different. We are an Agency. Think Jerry Maguire! Though our clients don't general shout "show me the money" at us, we definitely have specialized in understanding the needs of the entrepreneur and provide the greatest value in the market place.