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CPA MOMS realizes that there are many talented women with the desire to be a part of the workforce but not willing to sacrifice being home with their family, so we have created a solution.  Our priority, as a virtual accounting consulting firm, has been to create a team of qualified mompreneurs to provide business owners an affordable accounting solution. Our clients appreciate our unique brand and want to hire professionals to help take their businesses to the next level.

We appreciate your interest in joining our team of dedicated and passionate accountants here at CPA MOMS. We are a fast-growing virtual company headquartered in San Diego, CA with a mission to INSPIRE a new kind of corporate.


We pride ourselves on our social mission to empower families.  As a mission-driven organization, we invest heavily in creating flexible, virtual work environments so as a mother, you can raise your kids without sacrificing your career. CPA MOMS is proud of the social impact we have had with so many families, and we look forward to empowering more talented accounting professionals and their families. 


talent selection

We look forward to connecting with you! 

CPA MOMS: Due to requirements by the State Board of Accountancy and to maintain congruency with our brand, all CPAs represented by the Agency must be an active licensed CPA. 

Bookkeeper Moms: We look for QuickBooks experts and experienced full charge bookkeepers who match our brand.

Auditor Moms, we look for licensed CPAs that have been at the Audit Manager position or higher in a public accounting firm looking to return to audit firms for part-time, virtual work at the Senior Level. 

If you do not qualify for the Agency, you are also welcome to participate in our trainings and community events. 

"CPA MOMS feeds the need of our professional and nurturing side as mothers. Being able to help my children and others at the same time is a very rewarding opportunity that most miss out on. For one of the first times in our profession, our professional career does not have to be mutually exclusive of our family but necessarily coexisting. I am very thankful for the rare opportunity to be a continued consistent in my husband and children's lives while helping others succeed!" 
– Jami, CPA MOM

CPA MOMS conducts itself as a hands-on consulting firm. Our primary client is the CPA, a solo-mompreneur who we train and market to ideal business owners that are the beneficiaries of our high quality screening & training methods. We refer to the CPAs and bookkeepers that we represent as our Talent. We've served over 200 business owners, generating over $1.2 million of take-home pay for over 60 accountants. We have designed a business to fulfill on our mission to create flexible, virtual work environments so moms can raise their kids while still having a thriving career.

cpa moms representation

CPAs that are part of the Talent team at CPA MOMS:

  • agree to contact leads by phone & email within 48 hrs, and
  • agree to conduct a free 30 minute phone consultation (recommended within 5 business days of initial contact), and
  • agree to maintain an active CPA license, and
  • have flexibility in pricing with guided consistency (within our value billing methodology)

auditor moms representation

Ideal for those who love auditing work but are tired of the same old corporate grind and wish for more flexibility and autonomy.  Senior level CPAs who offer agreed upon procedures, reviews and audits are promoted by CPA MOMS and matched to public accounting firms for 100% virtual, part-time or full-time/flexible work. We currently have a top tier auditing firm looking to HIRE IMMEDIATELY.  If you are applying for an advertised audit position, you will be contacted for an interview. You will not be required to take the pre-designed online tests for CPA MOMS and Bookkeeper Moms positions unless you are open to that type of client in addition to the audit work. 

bookkeeper moms representation

Bookkeepers are consultants to CPA MOMS. Time is tracked using CPA MOMS time tracking systems and billing follows our value billing guidelines. Clients are assigned from CPA MOMS and we manage billing and collections as well as some client interaction. You will have the opportunity to work directly with one of our CPAs as they provide controller or tax professional services. 

accounting & business training

In addition to virtual accounting consulting services, we have a certification and training division that supports mompreneurs with relevant tools to help them succeed in their consulting practice. We've learned many lessons during our years of business experience and feel that you should not have to learn the hard way.

All trainings are available to all professional accountants. Our methods have been proven to help our talent make significantly more consulting income and negotiate better hourly rates with the trainings than without. Take advantage of our years of experience and trial and error and save yourself the time, money, and hassle of reinventing the wheel that we have already mastered!

audios & faqs

Audio links to introduce CPA MOMS are included below. It is important to reiterate that clients and hours are not guaranteed. Hours are customized for both the client and CPA, and depend on a number of factors including rates, geography, and service type (e.g. tax, bookkeeping, accounting.). We will keep your contact information on file and will reach out to those who expressed interest when we have a potential client for each CPA or bookkeeper.  Please listen to the audios below. If you fit our current search criteria, please listen to the audios below before clicking to the next step. The intention of the information on this site is to provide you with enough information to determine if CPA MOMS and Bookkeeper Moms is a good fit for you. We trust that you will find the information comprehensive and useful.


Audio:  History and Philosophy of CPA MOMS (5 minutes): click here for the audio

FAQ:  Please click on the FAQ cubes to read more about our company & how it works.


If you have listened to the audio, read the FAQ, reviewed our website and still have questions, you can contact us at (877) CPA-MOMS or email us membership@cpa-moms.com.

next step

The next step will take you to a form to sign-up for the online technical accounting and/or tax tests. NOTE: IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR AN ADVERTISED AUDIT POSITION, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THE TESTING STEP UNLESS YOU ARE REQUESTING ACCOUNTING AND/OR TAX WORK AS WELL.  If we have a position opening, you will be contacted to schedule a live QuickBooks observation and phone interview. There is no cost for any of the steps defined.

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to connecting with you at another future time.




^ All professionals performing tax services and industry specialists (e.g. nonprofit, real estate) should expect additional screening processes. Tax CPAs should take the test in Option 2.