There are two sections to this page:

1. There are financial statement samples included as attachments that need to be downloaded in order to complete the test.

2. Instructions prior to starting the test.


1 test packet:

For several questions towards the end of the test, you will need to reference the sample financial statements.  They are included here as an attachment.  We recommend that you print the attachments BEFORE starting the exam because the exam has a time limit.

To download the financials, please click this link:  Test Packet



  • If you did not listen to the team orientation audio recordings, please click on this link to listen to the audio prior to completed the test:  Team Orientation Audios
  • There is a 90 minute time limit for the Bookkeeping test, and 150 minute time limit for the Bookkeeping & Tax test.  We have found these times to be sufficient to complete the entire test.  
  • Ideal turnaround for the test is 48 hours. The test expires within 30 days of purchase.
  • The test includes basic technical skills questions and questions that are specific to accounting for entrepreneurs.  The majority of our CPAs that score in the 90 percentile have had experience working with entrepreneurs.  The minimum test score required to move to the next step is 75%.
  • Once you complete the test, you will receive an email automatic response with your score.
  • For those that receive a score of 75% or higher, we will contact you to schedule a live Quickbooks test via the web and a phone interview (additional tests and interviews may be required for specialty services for examle: tax, audit, government, nonprofit, real estate.) From here, the only remaining step for bookkeepers is to sign a contract, and collect information to get started.  The entire process can usually be completed within a week.

Please note, if you are CPA coming straight from an audit firm or corporate accounting department, your E-Skills test score may be abnormally low.  The test is custom designed specifically to reflect the most common accounting services our entrepreneur clients require.  Do not be alarmed if you score less than 75%, there will options provided to you for training and retesting.  We find that training CPAs on how to support clients in this entrepreneurial niche is easy and fast.  



There are a lot of companies that blindly match consultants with clients. There is no screening of talent and it is basically nothing more than a directory service.  We created CPA MOMS to build a community. CPA MOMS has a commitment to increase the quality of service that entrepreneurs received from their accounting professionals, add value and provide extraordinary service.  We care about our brand and want everyone to benefit from the high level of work produced from the team.  We want to always be confident about our team's work quality and service.  Once you are on the team, we are not going to be overseeing the work or reviewing the work, except for random quality control spot checks.  This is why we need to have a baseline to screen those who might not be best suited for this type of work.  


Accounting for entrepreneurs is a niche and it isn't something that is developed as part of the process of becoming a CPA.  If you are like me, you were self-taught on these matters.  That method took a long time, a lot of money and research.  One of the value added benefits of being part of this community is that we are committed to providing a variety of professional training and best practices to our community as well as tools that we have used successfully so that you may enhance your abilities while on the team.  We take training and development seriously and want to work with those that are open to learning and growing as professionals and as people.  The more you know, the better you can serve.  Our business depends on the quality of our accounting professionals, so we invest in you and work best with those who want to invest in themselves.  


Have a great test and feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about your test.